Thursday, March 11, 2010

glaze results

These cups and vases have been fired to cone 6 with a high copper glaze. To create drama and tension on the surfaces I sprinkled soda ash and fired them on their sides. These results completely defied my expectations, yet I can't stop thinking about them, their complexity, and their beauty.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Update

I will be putting up my first show at Mud Sweat and Tears Pottery in New York City on March 19th. Hard to believe, its only a few weeks away. The show will consist of work created at the studio, most of which will be of various traditional styles with a few new glaze types. I've been busy with kiln firing and clay maintenance at the studio, but have had ample time to reach into new realms on the wheel.

New hand carved feet on tea bowls

broken drum style vase

hand carved feet on gestural cups

gestural cups

hand carved foot on a tea bowl

tea bowl

drum style vase with handle

drum style vase