Sunday, January 24, 2010

New York - New Work

The past few weeks in New York have been such an informative experience. The act of trying to gather my thoughts about what I've seen so far is constantly interrupted by the sight of something new. Obviously not a very thriving ceramic art scene, but took the time to visit Dai Ichi Arts on the upper east side to see some pieces by a few current "heros" of japanese clay (Higashida Shigemasa, Kato Tsubusa, Kohara Yasuhiro, etc.) Very small, but intimate gallery space.

Holding a fly ash glazed Shigaraki tokkuri by Yasuhiro made me feel in a completely different place. No longer surrounded by the metal and concrete of NY, but rather feeling the transformed earth of Japan which has intrigued me for so long. Its the closest I'll get, for now.

Felt very inspired by these beautiful oribe and shino boxes of Shigemasa Higashida. I think I might start formulating some oribe works at Mud Sweat and Tears in my free time. Perhaps only having electric kilns in NY isn't the worst thing ever....

Anyway. Trying to get some work made in response to the little (but thought provoking) ceramics in the city. It's good to be around potters on a daily basis.
Progress, so far..

Thrown forms, waiting to be altered - White stoneware

finished flower vase. White stoneware. ready to be glazed with a cone 6 oribe

Finished tokkuri waiting for glazing.

carved vase drying in the basement.

sake set drying in the basement.